Leahs Love For Great Length Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Great Lengths Hair Extensions is one of my favourite services to do now. It was 3 years ago when I first came across Great Lengths. It was at an expo, I admired their ethical approach which is in line with Whetstone Aveda Concept Salon & AVEDA. I knew we had to have them.


Now they are a very popular service with both girls and guys. All of my clients love great lengths and once you have your first set you can’t live without them. J Below is some further info on Great Lengths Hair Extensions.


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  • Great Lengths guarantees beautiful and healthy hair. We treat our hair with care and awareness. Our extensions are made with real hair of wonderful quality from Indian temples.
  • All hair is voluntarily donated.
  • A fair and correct price is paid for the hair. The income from the hair bought from the temples is used exclusively for charitable causes and not for personal profit.
  • The hair is given directly to a Great Lengths collaborator in order to maintain transparency and guarantee the origin of the hair. Great Lengths deals all cycles of production from delivery to distribution through in-house-production and this guarantees complete transparency.
  • Winner of “Favorite Hair Extensions”at  the “Stylist Choice Award” by Great Lengths USA


Click here to book in with Leah for your extensions now


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