5 Reasons Why Ombré Colour Is Here To Stay! By Ronan O’Connor Art Director

With many celebs still sporting the popular colour technique, like it or not, it’s not going anywhere for a while!

I have created many of these looks at Whetstone Aveda Concept Salon on a lot of diffeent types of clientele ranging in age & style, gathering inspiration from their clothes, make up, profession, personalities and even hobbies. Because every one of us in an individual, and with AVEDA’s full spectrum hair colour which is the only hair colour available that is not pre tonally mixed, the shades are infinite enabling your hair colour to be individual!

Here are five reasons why I think Ombré is here to stay:

1. Variations.
There are so many different ways of applying the look, whether it be tips, grown out, or just a hint around the face. Long, mid length, bobbed hair, the variations are endless!

2. Amazing Colour Choices.
Choosing a subtle darker golden blonde to a more courageous pastel pink you’ll never be shy of variety.

3. Low Maintenance
Say goodbye to worrying about regrowth touch ups, regrowth is what it’s all about!

4. Fear Free
If you’re a little nervous about colouring your hair why not try Great Lengths Hair Extensions available at Whetstone Aveda Concept Salon. Create amazing lengths effects without a colour bowl in sight.
But do bear in mind, AVEDA is up to 99% naturally derived. The ingredients in all Aveda beauty products are derived from natural plant botanicals and essence sourced sustainably from around the world.

5. Make it exciting.
You don’t need to shave a Mohawk into your hair to turn it into something new and different. The simplest of styling such as a braid, Ombré will make look a lot more eye catching!



If you want to chat to me more about Ombré colour or any other styles give me a call. Ronan O’Connor on 01-6711344.

Let us bring out the exciting colour within you, just for you!



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