Lottery Multiplier Commercial Behind the Scenes with Joy Hawkridge

Earlier this year I did the hair and makeup for the Lottery multiplier commercial TV ad which is airing now, the ones with all the rabbits 🙂

It was an outdoor commercial shoot for the best part of 2 days. It was a bit of a challenge at times with all the rabbits hopping around on set. I was doing my best trying not to stand on any of them while doing touch ups.. thinking back its hilarious but of course great fun was had by all.

The director seemed to be a very happy bunny at the end of it all, pardon the pun. Hope you like my behind the scenes shots.
Im in the salon for 3 days this week then off to London for ten days. Meetings, shoots and more. I am very excited. I will keep you all updated.
Whetstone is getting so busy so if you want to book in now,  call us on 01-6711344.
All the best for now
Joy Hawkridge xx

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