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Joy Working on Irish Ferries TV Commercial

Joy Working on Irish Ferries TV Commercial

Its been a while since I let my finger do some tapping to give you some updates on all the amazing things happening with Whetstone & with developing my work outside the salon in film, fashion & commercials.

Irish Ferries TV Commercial 

The latest commercial I did was for Irish Ferries. We sailed to Wales and back in a day as the shoot took place on their ferry. It was great fun and a beautiful day, im looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Some pics from the day above.

Aveda Tulasara Product Launch

Aveda Tulasara Product Launch, Aveda Academy London

Aveda Tulasara Product Launch, Aveda Academy London

Last week I was in the Aveda academy in London for an educational launch of the new beauty product range from Aveda called Tulasara. These products are amazing, innovative, backed by years of clinical research and up to 99% organic natural ingredients. I got to try some of the products and am excited to stock Tulasara products at my own salon, Whetstone Aveda Concept Salon. 

My Exciting News – Im Moving To London

Over the past few years I have been getting more and more work outside the salon. I have been lucky enough to work on film premieres, the Baftas, photo shoots and lots more. Last year I studied with some of the best there is in hair and makeup, sharpening my skills, networking and working hard to try create more freelance work in London. I am very excited and grateful to say my work has paid off and I have now moved to London. I will be back a few days each month, my prices have increased to reflect this. Here’s a little video explaining more about it:

I am so lucky to have such an amazing team in Whetstone. Each of them have their own section on our news section where they blog and showcase their work so check it out now.

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